Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diane Von Furstenburg literally does everything.

As you may know, I am a huge admirer of Diane Von Furstenburg. I think that she's a remarkable person and had done a lot in the world of fashion and as a woman. My sister gave me her autobiography for my birthday and I read her incredible story. She grew up in very favorable circumstances, knew the right people etc, but she didn't squander all that--she used these things to her advantage and built an empire.

It all started with her classic little wrap dress back in the 70's and now the wrap dress has become an icon. It's great because it's easy to wear and looks great on all body types--this is exactly why DVF loved it so much.

First of all, I love a good library and this one is exquisite. The fact that it requires ladders makes me want to climb up them and get all Beauty and the Beast on them.

Nothing is more inspirational than a designers office. Especially when she's wearing a wrap dress. The rug is incredible, right?

Oh look, another desk. I'd love a large table (and a design studio) like this for fabrics and clients' projects.

I think my heart is about to explode. Animal print rug? Globe on a stand? Trunk? Lip print?

Now shes gone and made all my dreams come true and come out with a home collection. I was invited (she called me up and told me i HAD to be there but I couldn't make it because of school) to the launch at Bloomingdales--did anybody go? I'm completely enamored with her collection and love nearly everything. I even registered for some items for my wedding!!

If you've registered anywhere lately, it is SLIM PICKINGS for cute napkin rings. These, however are ridiculously cute. They are perfectly summery and would be great on a fresh warm tablescape.
There is also a serious lack of attractive salad bowls out in the world right now. I love the rich dark color of the wood and the edgy gold accent. Gorgeous.

And oh, BEDDING. My favorite thing. Some girl like shoes; I like duvets. The Butterfly Duvet is on sale right now for $149!

I love this girly watercolor inspired duvet. Such a pretty color palette on Rainbow Garden Duvet.

What do you all think about her collection? I think we all know what I think. I just find DVF so inspirational. She too went through a lot of difficulties in her personal life and her career. I'm so glad that she's back and expanding her brand. At Fashion's Night Out a few months ago, my fiance and I dropped by her store and saw her and then Anna Wintour and she walked right by me! It. Was. Life. Changing.

UPDATE: Here is an amazing article courtesy of Raina!

Alicia B.


Raina Cox said...

Just sent you a PM with a link to an ancient article about her. The 1970s were WILD!

Decor Arts Now said...

Been meaning to post about DVF and her new home collection too. Looks great! sometimes I wish I could register now! Too bad I have been married for 23 years!

Alicia B. Designs said...

Yeah Lynn "too bad". haha. You should have an anniversary party!!


Naomi @ Design Manifest said...

LOVE her style. Am dying to own 1 (or 7) of her wrap dresses. And yes I would die to have a library ladder some day. And enough books to fill them!