Thursday, February 10, 2011

White and Yellow. White and Yellow.

As you may know, I'm planning my (I mean OUR) wedding for this Summer! My life revolves around weddings, design, and school right now so let's take a moment and talk about the wedding (and then loop back to design)! I love the color yellow so it might be color in the wedding. As usual, I have to relate everything back to interior design so lets look at some fun, preppy, and bright interiors, shall we?

The simplicity of this bedroom is stunning and sophisticated. Of course it's designed by Lee Kleinhelter, who has access to the most ridiculous antiques. From Lonny.

I always think of John Loecke when I think of preppy colors. these two yellow chairs look bright in this fresh interior. I'm pretty much obsessed with all the fabrics in this room.

This geometric yellow bedding is definitely on my list for my new apartment. From Jonathan Adler. Want it now...

Green and yellow are so fresh preppy together, don't you think? Love the ribbon detailing on the roman shades and the lampshade. DIY project for the weekend? INTERESTING... (I can't remember where I found this image...anyone want to help?)

SWOON. A gorgeous combination and a balance of white and bright vibrant blues greens and yellows makes this room feel color infused yet light and open. From Country Living.

Marie Claire France. I love stumbling into an old French mansion. This living room is bathed in natural light and painted a soft buttery yellow for a sweet airy feel.

It's almost too cold for words here in NYC, but some people have been complaining that it's even colder in Chicago...These warm yellow rooms are making me yearn for Summer more than ever! I have lots to look forward to though in more planning of the wedding--what do you think of yellow? Just an idea I'm playing around with.

Now that I have internet finally in my new apartment, my posts might be more frequent, so thanks for your patience. I'm also excited that I'll be meeting up with some actual real live design bloggers--I've never met anybody that is also a design blogger so this is going to be monumental and scary. Wish me luck and Happy Friday everyone!

Alicia B.


Naomi @ Design Manifest said...

Hi Alicia!

First of all I love this happy color combo and I need those pillow used in the first photo ... right now! They don't go with my color scheme but I don't really care.

Second of all, I've never done a blog meet up either. So I'm looking forward to meeting you. And we can be awkward together if you want!


Alicia B. Designs said...

Hi Naomi!

I think the definition of a design blogger is slightly awkward--haha. Can't wait to meet you too!


Anonymous said...

Wow I feel pretty left out not being a design blogger. It IS cold in Chicago - yesterday I wore two coats and double mittens!!

SnOOp said...

I do always think of Jonathan Adler when it comes to yellow. I guess because it's happy like his designs. I ADORE the first picture of the bedroom. I'm in L>O>V>E

Decor Arts Now said...

How about me Alicia :-) ? I am a real life blogger!
Am I missing a great event? Larry came home yesterday and I am ready to get back into the world a bit more! Xo, Lynn

Alicia B. Designs said...

Lynn--I knew you'd comment on that! To be fair, when we worked together you didn't know I was a blogger and you hadn't become a (quite awesome) blogger yet! I think we need to get an NYC blogger group together, right?

I'm so happy about Larry--that's wonderful news :)