Monday, April 29, 2013

Derby Day Party Coming up!

Vineyard Vines has some of the most fun and adorable Derby inspired ties and clothing. Check more out HERE--super cute dresses, too!.  

How excited are all of you for the Kentucky Derby this Saturday? Usually people post the day before about a party but whats the fun of good tips and ideas when you've already planned the party?  My husband and I LOVE the Derby and this year we're throwing a Kentucky Derby Party.  Here are some great tips for throwing one on your own (or just invite yourself to ours). 

Possibly my favorite part about the Kentucky Derby are the fabulous hats.  This one is from J. Crew--Derby Fabulous. 

The next most important thing are the Mint Juleps in my fave little silver cups. This recipe requires 17 lemons so if you're feeling crazy ambitious, go for it. 

Flowers are a must for a party and they must be roses for the Kentucky Derby, the Run for the Roses. 

I found these great Kentucky Derby vintage plates on Ebay which would make great hors d'oeuvres plates. 

Preppiness abounds at a Kentucky Derby (or any party of mine) and I'm OBSESSED with these cute seersucker napkins that I found on Etsy! 

With all the fun decor and hats I almost forgot about the food.  I'm going with my standby baked brie with fig preserves but who can resist this pie?  I found this Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie on my go-to party planning blog, HERE.  

Do you all love the Kentucky Derby as much as I do?  It's so much fun to pick the horse you want to win (obviously the one with the most amusing name), and compete for fun with your friends or family.  We all get a little competitive but it's so much fun and once you have a few Mint Juleps, nobody can remember anyway.  So, are you having your own party?  Plans?!

Alicia B. 


Robin said...

I am going to a Derby party that is Mad Men themed so everyone will be in their best '60s derby togs. Can't wait to see the hats!

Katharine said...

I think I want all of the items you posted about. I hope your party was a boozy one! =)