Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lounging Around the Bedroom

Bunny Williams.  This room is so beautiful and serene and the distressed leather sofa looks inviting and unexpected.
Having a bench at the foot of your bed is a look that I really love and I look forward to the day when I have a bedroom big enough for that.  If you do have a large enough bedroom, you could put a bench or better yet, a small sofa.  The look is charming and creates a great seating area in the bedroom.

In this lovely farmhouse designed by Scott Sanders a small settee is placed at the end of the bed. Its small and simple but the nailheads add character and looks like a great place to have some coffee while getting ready in the morning

This room doesn't exactly look spacious on the sides, but if you have the room, it might be a great idea if you have a studio apartment.  

I love the contrast of the dark structured looking bed with the soft slip covered sofa at the end. 

Lots of grey velvet going on here but it creates a unifying and luxurious look with the gentle curves of the sofa reflected in the headboard. 

Another four poster bed with an upright settee at the end.  Looks like the perfect spot to perch.

I don't love the color scheme in this room by Nate Berkus but I love the art.

Apparently I'm supposed to convince my sister that putting a sofa at the end of her bed is a good idea (lawyers, right!?) so I hope that this posting has convinced her.  Take advantage of your space and make your bedroom not just a place to sleep but a place to sit, relax, chat and read.  You can find more amazing bedroom inspiration HERE on my Pinterest.

Alicia B. 

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Katharine said...

I'm not going to lie I think this post has convinced me not to put a couch at the end of the bed! They are beautiful, but I feel like I want to enjoy looking at the bed and not get confused about whether I'm sitting, or sleeping, or getting coffee, or what. Thanks for the wonderful post, as always!