Friday, April 26, 2013

Unusual Finds on 1st Dibs

Today at work I was searching on 1st Dibs for some sculptural but sleek furniture for a client in NYC and I came across some CRAZY awesome finds.  I tried an experiment (after work, obvi), and searched "unusual", "rare" and "unique".  Take a look at the unusual and sometimes beautiful pieces I found:

A Bamboo veneered desk with a matching chair.  I can't imagine even using this piece for fear of ruining it. 

Talk about sleek: a lucite organ and speaker set.  REDIC.  Only $120,000.

Who doesn't need a $4800 wire dog bed?!
Hideous garden stools (sorry)

Im actually obsessed with these blocks.  These would look amazing as an accessory on a bookshelf. #want 

No, wait.  I have to have these seahorse sconces.  #NEED

I really love 1st Dibs and you can find some truly beautiful antiques on there.  You can also find some pretty weird stuff.  Have any of you found anything "unique"?  And bought it?  What are you all up to for the weekend?  We're going to Hudson to look at art! Pictures to come...after we go.  Also, follow me on Pinterest, where you can find more of these crazy-town 1st Dibs finds. 

Alicia B. 

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Katharine said...

Mmmm wire dog beds... Thanks for alerting me to a new website, AliciaB! Looking forward to some good finds. Of course, nothing would compare to actually going junk shopping with you.