Monday, May 25, 2009

In the Conservatory with a watering can...

I'm really into the idea of a conservatory of late; a quiet glassed-in sunroom to grow your plants. When I went home over the weekend, my parents were thinking about one as their latest project/yard time-sucker. They've all but abandoned my dreams them having a swimming pool but I'm still hanging on. I think the idea of a really sweet conservatory is a great one, though. A quiet sanctuary for your plants, to relax with a book while the sun is shining in on you.

This Edwardian style conservatory is by Parish Conservatories. I'd love to have a brick cottage with a little conservatory off the side. Just lovely.

This is from Nancy McCabe's garden which was on the Trade Secrets Garden Tour. Hers was a beautiful rustic style garden with many Spanish influences.

Bunny Williams had a very classic one off of her guest cottage with much architectural detailing and a large sideboard in it to accommodate her large potted plants. I love the repeating arches.

This is from Renaissance Conservatories, a company that specializes in custom conservatories. I like this round one with the clerestory windows on top.

This very classic one is also nice. It's more of a sunroom though than a room for your plants etc. I love the architectural detailing though. Also from Renaissance Conservatories.
This one is NOT QUITE my style (at all) as those windows are NOT ATTRACTIVE, but I love the floor. It looks like the conservatory from the board game Clue! Right? How badly do you want to play Clue right now?

I'm really embracing gardening and plants lately and this conservatory is the perfect mix of interior design and gardening. There are so many different styles you could go with and many fun garden accessories to add. Garden urns, exotic plants, amazing architecture, the possibilities are growing!

Alicia B.


Alicia said...

You should drool at Amdega's website. They make me long for a conservatory everyday.

Alicia B. Designs said...

oh Alicia, you're so right. Those are AMAZING. So impressive--thanks!

Down Pillow said...

They're all great, but I really love the next-to-last one. They look like they'd be so relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Can you discuss the type of windows you mentioned? Clerestory? I thought winduhs were just winduhs!

conservatory cleaning west yorkshire said...

WOW, they look great