Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Micheal Trapp is a genius

The other more amazing, and quite fantastical garden tour was that of Michael Trapp. He had a garden and the most surprising garden/interiors shop I'd ever seen full of ancient artifacts, dinosaur bones, Italian pottery, fossils, etc.

In this shed that he had out in the back and down some steps, there was a collection of eggs, and some really cute nests.

I felt like I was in a cave here. This little building, also out back, had Spanish Moss hanging from the ceiling and white coral and shells everywhere.

Ironwork piece among fossils/bones.

YIKES I love mini models of buildings and these Greek Temples had to be photographed.

Mirror image of a huge Italian pottery vessel.

Isn't this chest amazing?? More dinosaur/ancient animal bones are on top of it. I think you know how I fee about that HUGE green jug. Can't breathe.

Pretty sconce that I spotted in the window.

This shot doesn't exactly capture the amazingness that was EVERY SINGLE room of this shop/house, but I tried.

You have got to take a look at his website HERE. If you're ever in the area of West Cornwall CT, (don't lie, you're there all the time) you must visit this store. You have to cross a covered bridge to get there which is enough to get me to visit any town even if it's population is 400.

Alicia B.


Alicia said...

A decadent, deadly spot....genius indeed!!!

Down Pillow said...

He's got some great things that would really add a lot of character to the surroundings.