Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swedish Modern Chair Makeover

I'm full of many projects lately and I am really enjoying them. This is a Swedish Modern chair that (below) belonged to my father; he got it back in the 70's which is quite apparent when you look at it. Well, now it's mine and I decided that the yucky tan vinyl had to go. Good choice, yes?

Sad deflated chair.

It really does have a beautiful frame.

Here it is completed! I had it reupholstered in European Cream Linen from I think it looks clean and comfortable. Last night I sewed a little throw pillow from extra fabric left over from my love seat from Roger Arlington which is unfortunately no longer around. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty pleased. My apartment is still coming together piece by piece even after a few months but it's still fun!

Alicia B.


Alicia said...

God those Swedes make fine furniture. I love the lines w/o cushions. I fished a Danish modern chair of a pile by curbside coming through my friends neighborhood years ago. Stunning all cleaned and my best friends office.
Another great piece...can't wait to see everything together.

Down Pillow said...

Awesome makeover! The 'before' looked like it was ready for the dumpster - great job :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was skeptical of changing out the yellow vinyl seats... (something to do with an urge to keep the original piece together) but it looks awesome! Nice work. Could it use a throw or something?

Anonymous said...

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Karl said...

Cool chair. The design may predate the 70s. My mom has a pair with similar frame design that she bought in the 50s. Side note: any suggestions how to repair the springs that make up the support under the seat cushion? :)

Karl said...

That design may predate the 70s. My mom has nearly the same frame design on a pair she bought in the late 50s. (Side note: any suggestions on how to repair or replace the springs that go under the seat cushion? Hers have snapped in a couple places.)