Thursday, May 7, 2009


From Elle Decor, Reynolds Staub Interiors designed this funky tropical room but check out the intense shell encrusted mirror. It's definitely the centerpiece of this room.

Woah, I've been so busy this entire week! Last night was the Art Shmart auction that I mentioned earlier and it was a great turn out and someone won my photograph! Congrats to whomever it was! Anyway, in terms of design, I've been noticing tons and tons of shells everywhere. Perhaps it's the coming of summer? I've always loved collecting shells and seaglass; they're so beautiful and each one is different. Shells are a great natural accessory but I've been seeing them in mass amounts as well as encrusted onto mirrors, tables, boxes etc. Check me out.

From Mrs Howard Personal Shopper blog, they are showing off centerpieces but I couldn't help but notice the mirror in the background. This is a more subtle neutral group of shells covering this mirror.

Elizabeth Martin's masterpiece for the Stephanopoulis Family featured in Elle Decor is full of gorgeous shells and coral. I loved nearly everything about this house; even all the purple.

Tom Scheerer placed three pretty conch shells on this table in a seaside cottage. I love the very natural feeling to this room and that it doesn't look shabby, it looks polished and neat. How can I get a nubby bedspread like that?

In Country Living, here is another dramatic shell encrusted mirror. I really like the straw pouf under the nightstand! And I'm a sucker for pink.

You can't see the full box in this living room by Phoebe Howard, but there are gorgeous seashell bits covering this box. I love how even the discarded bits are used and they look beautiful!

I love the texture of shells the most. When they are put all together they look crusty and rough but then when you get closer they are precious and polished from years (centuries?) of being tossed around by the waves. I will admit that an entire mirror is a bit much/ostentatious for me, but I love shells arranged on a coffee table, or in a bowl. I have a really pretty one that I made into a candle! How do you like that?

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

Love sea glass and shells, especially shell vases for flowers! Great post!


Alicia B. Designs said...

Thanks Eddie! Great idea for a vase!

Down Comforter said...

I love Elizabeth Matin's room - the shell-filled shelves are so pretty.