Friday, May 22, 2009

Rando Design Inspiration Friday

This week flew by in a flash! I realize I only posted a few times and for that I apologize but I can only do so much. This weekend is Memorial Day and cross your fingers that I get out of work early! Here are some images that are making me smile.

In honor of Memorial Day, here is a patriotic photo that I took of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge, USA.

This boudoir by Jackson/Aaron looks so sunlit-lovely. I'd love to lie down there with a good book...and a kitty.

I found this designer, Emma Jane Pilkington, in Traditional Homes 20 Young Designers to watch and I'm molto impressed. This painted bed is incredibly beautiful...I'm in awe.

April Tidey, who was on Apartment Therapy yesterday, has such a fun aesthetic mixing modern with traditional. Love the white walls, ceiling and floors in this cottage.

What are your plans this weekend? As usual I'm heading up to the country for some r and r with my parents and then am joined by the beau Saturday evening! I absolutely cannot wait until the Memorial Day Parade (it's my favorite part). There is nothing like a parade in a small town. Have a great 3-day weekend!

Alicia B.


snickerdoodle said...

Love the olive green chairs against the crisp white. I am all about green lately. We are building our new home "Birch Hill" and I am drawn to everything close to avocado or olive! Happy long weekend there.

Alicia said...

Man that bed is suberb!! I'm all into soft forms lately but that could change anyones mind.
Have a lemonade lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the painted bed too! Have a great weekend!

Down Comforter said...

That Jackson-Aaron pic is sooo pretty - thanks & have a great holiday :)