Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Faves

Guess who's back!? Friday Faves is! Friday faves is a mini round-up of a few of my favorite things: fashion, design, and life to get you through to the weekend. Friday can either be very short or very long and I'm just trying to make it short.

I've always had a pretty serious obsession with this house in Newport RI. It's John Peixinho's 1730's home and maybe I'll get to see it this weekend! Newport is home of The Breakers and Marble house, which we'll also be seeing, but I'm secretly most curious about this one!

I couldn't resist. This is another shot from the above home. This shelf is amazing--gorgeous shape, and I love collections like this. If you want a collection like this, you don't need to already have it, just head on over to a flea market and collect the ones that catch your eye!

I've always loved Galbraith & Paul, the textiles, rug, and lighting store, and I came across this picture on their website. I love the soft muted colors and the greyed out zebra fabrics. This room is the epitome of warm and soothing right now--or quiet confidence as the title states. Casually confident?

Calico Corners has always been a great source for traditional inexpensive fabrics but did you know that Iman has designed a collection for them? This is one of them and I've ordered a sample in hopes of turning it into a pillow for a client! I'm looking for another client for something more geometric and I've found the perfect fabric for that too!

As you know, I'm off to Newport for the weekend to enjoy New England before it turns to Winter, and to get out of the city a bit. What are you up to? Anything design related? I'll be taking lots of pictures of all the mansions that we see, don't worry. Have an amazing weekend!

Alicia B.

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Nicole Dufour Durocher said...

ohmy! that house is perfection!!! LOVE 18th century new england architecture