Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm LOVING the new Arch Dig

The cover of the latest AD. BTW some lunatic is trying to sell this for 5.99 on ebay...Bid here.

I knew Margaret Russell would be just the one to whip Architectural Digest back into shape as it was the most boring yet well respected shelter mag out there. I just picked up the latest copy because it wasn't desperately trying to attract me with a celebrity on the cover but a beautiful looking interior instead.The spreads inside were colorful and different, not monotone bad modern homes that nobody could relate to or overly done overly traditional messes (Gerard Butler's home).

My favorite spread in the December issue is a tiny 12,000 square foot home by Stephen Sills. It's. Major. The home is in CT, the facade traditional, but the interior is fresh and interesting. Also if you look on the lawn there is the CUTEST little dog.

The large library is filled with beautiful antiques and fabulously faded wallpaper; "burlap hand-painted in a faded ottoman design" by Patricia Arnillas. I mean it looks just A-MAZING. There are little wooden mushrooms crowding around the coffee table, books galore, a library table that looks like it's propped up on frames, a small niche by the fireplace, and a gorgeous lantern. All that's missing is an invitation for me!

The living room is just as large, with tall windows and more beautiful antiques and soft calming colors. I'm still waiting for my invitation...

The study, a slightly more modern looking room looks cozy, don't you think? The white cut-out screen (LOVE) is surrounded by paintings of Islamic pottery. Love the shape of the bookcases--these people like to read.

An antique pineapple hangs over the breakfast table--why wouldn't it? The view from this room is incredible don't you think? I'd never tire of looking at all the beautiful objects and textiles though.

The bedroom is so surprising. There is hardly any real furniture here--I was expecting some upholstered club chairs--but I love the addition of the two modern hanging chairs and how they contrast the ornate frames above them. The large oriental rug and the dog bedside table are exquisite.

I've always loved Stephen Sills' design work--he's SO talented. You must must must go pick up or resubscribe to Arch Dig right away. This spread is one of many in this months magazine.

Paige Rense will always be the "legend" at Architectural Digest but let's face it--we were all pretty bored by the magazine. Margaret Russell has already made this into an interesting and UBER dynamic mag and I'll be hoarding my parents' copies once again.

Alicia B.

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