Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Bee Line Home

Bunny Williams is a truly great designer. She has a very traditional style but she knows how to keep things fresh and interesting. I've always loved her interiors, her store Treillage, and her own line Bee Line Home. I clicked onto BeeLine Home today though and was blown away. Blown. A. Way.
A simple night stand with this gorgeous diamond detailing on the drawer and simple fluting on the legs.
How much do you love the nailhead detailing and low reflief carving in the legs? I love it a lot.
This is a fun twist on a standard cocktail table. And it's appropriately named, the Bottoms Up Cocktail Table.

I know this has been in Bunny's collection for a while but I love it. The blue color is just beautiful. Emerald blue is so hot right now because of Kate Middleton/Prince William!
These ivory lattice backed chairs would be perfect in my imaginary country home. I think they'd look so fun with a bright poppy fabric.
A nice looking wastebasket is impossible to find. I always end up modifiying the ones that I buy but this one is a beautiful stained wood--no need to change it!

Could this possibly be more creative? A little spiral makes something icky (rain) into something fun and springy!

Nailhead sofa! This sofa is pure perfection. End of story.
Anyway, this was just a little fun--well a lot fun. There is so much more on her website and maybe you didn't like what I liked so...check it out. Alicia B.


Decor Arts Now said...

Hi Alicia, the sofa is a copy of the one in Bunny's office. LOVE BeeLine. Just wish it wasn't so dear.$$

nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

Oh I like! Specially the white table and the emerald blue lamp, the detailing really makes these pieces stand out!