Monday, July 13, 2009

Wastebasket Makeover

A few weeks ago on one of many successful trips to an antique store I found this lovely little gem of a wooden wastebasket for only $5! It had a sticker on the bottom that said "Made in Italy" so I knew I'd struck gold.

I love maps but this one wasn't really working for me. Something about it said, "cheese-fest."

The shape was too cute to pass up and look at the lovely curves on the top.

I have many wallpapers to choose from that were discarded from other showrooms. I chose the brown and white one from Carleton V.

After I stripped off that icky map paper with wallpaper remover, I cut templates for each side of the wastebasket.

They I took my trusty lacquer/modge podge and adhered each piece!


This is his new little spot! Doesn't he look adorable/gorgeous!!?? (Not sure why it's a he, just go with it.) I love the contrast in my room of the dark brown against all my soft colors.

I love pretty paper more than anything (almost) and when I can actually put it to good use instead of just looking at it, I just feel good. In other news, I'm taking it easy today as it is my birthday. I've had issues with aging in the past but I'm trying to be more positive about it this year. One year older, but just another year more awesome! Right?

Plus there's always cake...and presents.

Alicia B.


sir snorks_alot said...

very nice work

disastress said...

happy b-dog! xo

anusha said...

gr8 work. You truly are amazing. :)
Happy birthday to you. Enjoy ur day!

LindsB said...

Love this idea!! What a fun and easy project, thanks for the idea!!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

The wastebasket looks great! Great eye and pick.

Happy happy birthday!!!

Hope you get lots of presents and even more cake!

Raina said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Sweetie!

Dorm Bedding said...

Such a cute little wastebasket :) And, Happy (belated) Birthday!!!!

Kerry Ann said...

Super cute! It's so hard to find a nice wastebasket, why didn't I think of this?

sarahlambersky said...

Cute cake. Love how simple it is.