Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Fire Burning...

A few months ago, when I was looking at apartments, one of them had a mini (non functional) fireplace that practically stole my heart. Unfortunately I just couldn't face living in an apartment that was just a 9' by 9' room--I have a lot of stuff so I had to move on from it (tear). Every time I see a fireplace though, I feel such incredibly envy so here's a collection of some hot hot fireplaces to ENVY.

By landscape designer Jay Griffith. *GASP* I just adore the idea of an outdoor fireplace. Eveyrthing here looks relaxing and just perfect for a quiet summer outdoor party.

Could this be more amazing looking? Are they going to bake bread in there? Or a pizza? This size fireplace reminds me of an old colonial house. By SR Gambrel.

By M Group. I love the traditional aspect of this one and the fact that it's in a dining room instead of a living room.

This little room brings out the modern (slash retro) side of me. Its like a little bubble fireplace and the setting seems like you could just come in from chopping wood, throw on a blanket and read for a little in front of the fire. From Living Etc.

Nothing gets me going like the look white washed wood! And exposed beams. By James Michael Howard.

I think based on this picture, it is going to be my life goal to have a fireplace in my bedroom. From The Daily Bed.

Another white fireplace but very different from the one above. I love how ornate the decoration is. By Eric Lysdahl.

There are so many fun things you can do with a fireplace and they don't always have to be traditional. Aside from how you decorate it, the structure itself varies in so many ways making it change the room completely, even making it the focal point. Even if it's not, it should surely grab your attention.

Alicia B.


Raina said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Sweetie. And I would LOVE to have Steven Gambrel's basement kitchen.

Raina said...
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Dorm Bedding said...

I love having a fireplace, but it's nothing compared to the one in the second photo - love it :)

Alicia said...

Well I'm with you...a bit too cozy for an apt even with a fireplace, but I do now miss mine. The crackle & glow is just so soothing.
Maybe next time.
The bubble is great. I'd have to paint it either white or a vibrnat color though.