Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear Anthropologie, I'm back.

Yesterday I was downtown (yes, during the huge deluge/thunderstorm/tornado) with a friend and we were on an Anthropologie mission. I used to absolutely adore everything Anthropologie, then I thought "I can't pull this off, its too indie for me," but now the tables have turned and I'm in love again. Don't you hate when you want every single thing in a store? It's maddening. Well, when the recession clears up slash I win the lottery, these are a FEW of the things that I was loving.

I would have bought these at the store but they didn't have an "A." Monogrammed Sticky Notes $14.
Nothing gets my heart pumping faster like a striped nautical rug! The Nautical Stripe Dhurrie starts at $78.

Pretty pottery vase for $14. It's mini but so cute!

I don't know WHO I think I am, but I think these are just plain practical! I love them! Magnifying glasses starting at $68.

I think these are quite possibly the most genius thing I've never seen. They are PRETTY measuring cups! I have about 300-400 sets of measuring cups which I love of course but none that come close to how pretty these are! They also have some that are flowers. Feminine and perfect.

If I were to get this bedding, I'd have to change my entire identity/personality/move into an old Victorian home but it would be SO worth it. Featherfew bedding starting at $268.

Somewhat by accident I've started to collect really pretty bowls ( I like cereal okay??). I have some blue and white ones and I think these would be a good addition. Cordoba Bowl $10.
My friend pulled this apron out and said, "Alicia, this is so you!" and I'd have to agree with her. I love Anthropologie aprons (already have one from another friend!) but how can you resist this one--it has smocking!! Comfort food apron $38.
I have to say I didn't see this chair coming from Anthropologie. Usually it is much more "distressed" in appearance. I love the classic traditional style and caning but painted black. Lovely. Bachelard Chair $298.

I don't have to wait to win the lottery, I'm open to donations as well. Thanks!

Alicia B.


jessica said...

your friend sounds like a GENIUS!

Alicia said...

I love the measuring cups too & conincidentally my Anthro was out of As too... they are so perfect stickys for everything.

Down Pillow said...

Love, love, love Anthropologie :) I'm always finding tons of home items to drool over - the measuring cups you found are too cute.

highglossblue.blogspot said...

Anthropology does an amazing job! Their appeal lies not only with in their fabulous selections but their merchandizing, photography and art direction ( I say photography, but I mean catalogue images, but their's are just too beautiful to be referred to as mere catalogue images), too. They are artists and tastemakers no doubt!!