Thursday, July 16, 2009

Western Interiors, you broke my heart.

I was just literally blown out of the water when I tried to visit the Western Interiors website this morning and found THIS. Did anybody else know about this? Apparently it went down a few months ago right under my nose! I'm floored right now but curious to see if this magazine will be any good. I hold Western Interiors in such high esteem so it will be hard for this LUXE to measure up.



Anonymous said...

I think maybe Liberace had a fur covered piano seat. He definitely had white pianos, pink pianos, bejeweled pianos, gilt ones! Thanks for reminding us how magnificent a room can look with a beautiful instrument as part of the furniture. Remember when folks had pianos or banjos, ukeleles or guitars, violins or trumpets instead of "entertainment centers?"

Claire said...

Love the blog! Check it all the time for inspiration!
Here's mine!

MontanaMaven said...

I just figured out my Western Interiors wasn't coming anymore. Went on line and...ugh...discovered it is now something called "Luxe". How pretentious in a recession.

Any suggestions for a magazine like WI. I live in Montana.

Alicia B. Designs said...

Hey Montana Maven,
I know, its such a sad loss! I don't know much about Montana though I've been there a few times and my mother was born there BUT I've been really loving Canadian House and Home. It seems to be filling the WI void. Hope this helps and thanks for reading!
Alicia B.

sandi_swanigan said...
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