Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Office for Creativity

My friend who was asked me to help her with her new apartment and look for a new desk for her. This got me thinking about desks, home offices, and how my "home office" is set up. I have a small green painted table with a distressed white painted chair. I have a printer scanner on my desk, a lap top, and a mail holder where I place photographs and postcards that interest me. Above my desk I have a framed piece of fabric, a photograph of my sisters and me, and some other small inspirational things including a poem. I find that having a desk like this with lots of things to look at (I have ADD okay??) is very helpful for someone is the creative field. You can find inspiration in almost everything. Here are some home offices that I found equally inspirational.

Living etc. Bookcases on either side make easy access to everything you need, plus a great view. I have a radiator in front of my window so I had to put my desk on the opposite wall.

James Merrill Photography. This home office has books, space for the computer, and a clear space for reading. Also, amazing chairs, eclectic wall decoration and fun art.

Houzz. OMG I love this one. Its cozy and that stairway on the left that acts like another wall/ceiling is SO fantastic. I also love how everything has its own space.

Burnham Design. This one is also super cozy. It looks like a nice retreat from everything with a gorgeous fabric on the chair, amazing antique furniture and dark painted walls. I wouldn't change anything about this room.

Having a space for all of the things that you require at your own "home office" is very important. I have pretty file folders to break up the monotany of paying bills and other office activities that aren't as fun as blogging or researching designers. What does your home office look like? Please feel free to email me photos for a future post! aliciabdesigns@gmail.com

Alicia B.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ha ha really funny. We are always on the same page!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I had no idea Sheila Bridges designed that office in the first photo. I love the colors & the stripes are ++
The staircase office is incredible.

highglossblue.blogspot said...

Have to tell you something funny...the picture with the 2 bookcases and the clear chair by Kartell (if I remember correctly)...when I was an intern I had to sit in one of those chair doing CAD all day, they are beautiful, but soooo not comfortable. Not recommended for home or other office, unless of course one doesn't have to work!! Regardless, Love the room and love the orange stairs!

LindsB said...

I wish I had my own home office but when we moved in to the apartment the BF got dibs on that one. When I do have me own I would like a parsons desk- love them!

Alicia said...

My favorite desk is actually the space I designed for my Godson Grant, age 10. He's into vintage gams & their primary red, blues & yellows so with a great Ikea desk we painted them it blue laquer, used game pieces for ahndles etc & then painted a magnetic chalkboard over the space above it. Its filled with artwork, photos of family & friends, magazine etar sheets ( he gts that from me), you name it. He actaully made magnets with again old game pieces & a glue gun all by himself.
Its cheerful & inspirational!!!

Alicia B. Designs said...

Thanks guys. Don't forget to email a pic of your home office. I've gotten a few really fun ones!

Claire, that is HILARIOUS. thanks for sharing that!

Alicia, that sounds really fun and great for a kid to start early being so creative!

Down Pillow said...

I LOVE the office from Burnham Design!!! It's so beautiful - great spot to get some work done.