Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tough Tuesday

So I'm back after my day off yesterday. What was I doing you ask? I was in CT helping a friend with her new house! I'm so impressed (jealous) that she lives in an actual house and has so much room--even a yard! Anyway, the rooms have so much potential and I'm so honored that she has asked me for my advice. I'll give you updates on it as we go along. I have lots of posts (about 70--why do I keep subscribing?) in my Google reader that I need to catch up on today. This is one of the gifts that I got for my birthday from my bff from college who lives in Boston. I saw it and thought "Oh great, something weird with incense sticks" but I put it in my foyer and it smells like absolute heaven every time I walk in my front door! Its a collection of high end perfumes, body creams, and bath salts etc. made by ElizabethW who is based in San Francisco. You should check out their line, I was pleasantly surprised.

Alicia B.

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Down Pillow said...

Wow, that sounds amazing - I wish I could smell through my screen :)