Wednesday, July 22, 2009

White Drapery Surprise.

As I mentioned, over the weekend I am helping out a friend with her new house. It's so much fun for me and great to have someone who is receptive to my ideas even if we don't have the same style! Isn't that what a designer is for? Anyway, in her living room which is her top priority at the moment, she has simple ivory colored drapery. My first instinct is, COLOR! But then I stood back and thought that even though they were white, they still carried themselves without any color. Here are some other lovely rooms with ivory/white drapery and don't fade away.

This room is mainly made up of whites and neutrals in a very traditional style. By William Hodgins. Interesting how he works with the shape of the room and places the bedside table forward from the window.

Not a ton of color here but the white drapery is what draws your attention to the height of the ceiling. By Westbook and Winkler.

James Michael Howard, always decorating with soft neutrals tucks this gorgeous drapery behind the stunning architectural detailing.

The ceilings in the Kip's Bay Showhouse this year were so high that Bunny Williams had to sew two sheets (she used linen sheets I believe instead of drapery fabric) together to achieve that height.

Windsor Smith had the honor of participating in this Veranda Showhouse Greyhouse Estate. I'm just in love with those windows that are nicely framed out by strong white silk drapery .

Another lovely room, this one designed by the editors at Veranda.

Funny how even though there is a white carpet, these white drapes really stand out against the cocoa painted walls. By Carrier and Co.

I, of all people shouldn't be too astounded at how many people use simple white or ivory colored drapery. I have soft white drapery panels in both my bedroom and my living room with white scalloped edge roller shades underneath that. Would have included a picture for you but sometimes stealing internet has its drawbacks. I think it's subtle and elegant and lets the rest of the room speak for itself without being a cop out. White is certainly not a cop out.

Alicia B.


Down Pillow said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of light or completely white window treatments. I feel that a lot of drapes can look really dark & heavy.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh those brown walls look amazing in the last image. Kinda reminds me of my own living room. Dying for that orange bookcase it would fit right in!

I love white window treatments. Manly because I love color in my paint picks so I normally go with white to the make room more light and airy even though there is a dark bold color on the walls.

Anonymous said...

Serenity and purity! You don't get enough of it, especially in an urban setting. Thanks for the great ideas!

Claire said...

Love love white! My own place is all blue and white serenity...BUT...Also love the orange bookcase! perfect shot of color...just finished a post on Dorothy Draper, color on the brain, take a look
Thanks, Alicia! Fab post!

Alicia said...

I love white drapes until the reality of dust & comapny comes to light. I'm with you though for color!!!
I hope today was better...much better. Anytime you need a reminder pull my poem out & just breathe. I still do. :)

Developing Designs said...

Luv it! Always been a fan of white, it's classic, timeless, and soothing. Luv how some of the drapery panels are punched up with a darker color on the walls. Thanks for sharing some great images (even one from a designer I did a college paper on.......eons ago) :)