Thursday, July 9, 2009

Precious Nurseries

TOO MUCH PINK. But there are still some cute elements. From Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.

Designing a room for a baby can be tough, but I imagine it's equally as fun. My friend and fellow designer is having a baby in a few months so we've been talking about how to design the room for her little girl! We both agree to stay away from the cliche pink everything with giant flowers and pink curtains theme etc. So then how do you design a room for a baby without crossing the line into a cliche pink (or blue) mess or just a room for an adult with mini furniture? Here are some of my favorite ones:

This baby's nursery has tons of room for toys and playing. I often wonder if it's okay to have hard wood floors in a room with a baby. Bruises? No? I love the ark though--so cute! Lucky baby to have such high ceilings. By the Art of Everyday Living.

Celerie Kemble actually designed this room. To be honest if I were a baby, I'd be scared out of my wits lying there looking at those butterflies. I do love the white bobbin crib though and love a floppy stuffed animal!

Massucco Warner Miller. This is a perfect preppy nursery for a preppy little baby girl. You can get letters like that at Anthropolgie or Ballard Designs. This is so precious I can barely breathe.

Houzz. No need to wallpaper! You can keep it simple with white or cream colored walls so that it's easier to adapt to as the little munchkin grows up.

David Netto went all out with plush furniture and a soft rug. The drapery is even soft and fluffy. I appreciate that he didn't use one of his cribs from his own line of furniture too because they are rather...prison like (maybe just too modern for my taste).

In the nursery (which later became my father's office) that we (my two sisters and I) all had as babies, we had cute pastel wallpaper and a blue carpet...or was it green? It was a mini room but so cute with stuffed animals and eyelet white curtains on the windows. I think stuffed animals are really the key ingredient...

Alicia B.


Raina said...

Beautiful round-up, Alicia! Netto does the best nurseries.

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Some really great photos :) I absolutely love the second room - just beautiful.

LindsB said...

All of these are so beautiful- I love the first one :)