Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Fun: Pink Edition

Pink is my favorite color. Possibly cliche and girly, yes, but I don't care. It's a happy, pretty color and there are many ways to infuse pink into a room. Observe.

Do you think this room has pink "infused" in it? I think so. From Houzz, this bedroom is girly but light because of the yellow print drawing your eye to the end of the room.

I had a pale pink rug growing up. The room has the pink carpet to ground it, and then glam/chic wallpaper with pink outlined flowers. By Jennifer Flanders.

This bedroom is a wee bit more subtle with pale pink pinstriped wall paper (I believe its Ralph Lauren) and then absolutely gorgeous drapery fabric used on the pillows and bed skirt. Found in Country Living and designed by Elizabeth Mead.

This bubble gum pink wall is so fun and I love how it is broken up a bit by the white paint underneath the chair rail. This could be very cliche but it is made glam by the venetian mirror and beautiful linen bedspread. West Village apartment by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz.

Oddly enough, I have no pink in my apartment except for the stripes in my Dash and Albert rug in my bedroom. Perhaps I limited it to my wardrobe (I might be wearing pink shoes today!). Do you decorate with your favorite color? Or mix it up a bit? Grey blue certainly isn't my favorite color but I love the way it looks in my bedroom.

Alicia B.


Heidi said...

I find that I gravitate to blues and greens but I love the pop of a bright pink. I have a blue/gray family room with bright pink flowers and it just adds so much excitement!

Raina said...

That top photo has always been one of my Domino faves.

linknblogs said...

I too am a fan of pink! I had a pink room when I was a little girl and have never abandoned the love. However, in my home now, I hesitate to incorporate the color because of its association with being "ultra girly". Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful ideas and photos! My favorite is the bright, dark pink paint above the chair rail with just white underneath. I think it's fabulous!