Friday, July 24, 2009

Rando Design Inspiration Friday!!

How jazzed are you all for this weekend? RIGHT?? Anyway, to speed it along (not that this week could have gone by faster), here are some lovely pictures that I found that made me smile.

I'm really loving Mollie Johnson's portfolio. This bedroom in particular really caught my eye. The simple white and soft green palette is so refreshing. I also can't take my eyes off that nightstand.

I love the preppy style of design of John Loecke. Sometimes it's a wee bit over the top but still playful and fun.

Am such a sucker for books...and a gallery wall...and a fireplace mantle. By Glen Gissler.

I bought a bolster pillow form but haven't gotten up the courage to attempt to sew a cover for it. I did make a square pillow last night though for someone special...who will receive it?? This one above, the Shali Bolster is from Anthropologie for only $228.

I SWEAR I'm going to make strawberry jam this weekend. THIS recipe from Martha Stewart looks pretty simple.

Last night was my last class for the summer so I celebrated with dinner and then went home and made a pillow. I'm really excited for my jam project and some more cooking projects that I've been inspired to try. Cough PAULA DEEN Cough. Speaking of which, I've started to follow some foodie blogs! I love the images, the recipes, and the enthusiasm that matches that of a design blog! Sunday Suppers, Simmer till Done, and Out of the Event are some of my favorites. I love to bake cookies and treats but I think I should up my difficulty level and go for larger projects. Do you guys have some favorites? What are you plans for the weekend?

Alicia B.


highglossblue.blogspot said...

Hi Alicia-
So excited that you're starting to follow foodie blogs! I have to recommend 2-Smitten Kitchen and Blissful Glutton. Former out of NYC and later out of my own ATL! Great photos, great ideas!

Down Pillow said...

Love the Anthropologie pillow - by why does a pillow have to cost over $200 ???? Have a great weekend!

LindsB said...

Love love love John Loecke!

I cant wait for this weekend to just relax. The BF and I have been away for the last several weekends and the dust bunnies in my house are about to take over. SO, I cant wait to chill, clean the house a bit and have a fun date night with the BF.

I cant wait to hear about the jam! Have a great weekend!!

Alicia B. Designs said...

Thanks ya'll!

Down Pillow--I know!! It's such a tiny pillow! Doesn't Anthro know we're in a recession?!

High Gloss Blue--Thanks i'll check those out... :)

LindsB, Sounds lovely! My BF and I are going out tonight! Can't wait...

Weather Proofing Gambrills, MD said...

Wow you have so many books!

<3 Lindsay