Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Piano Forte

houzz. Isn't this glorious?

I've been accumulating a lot of images of pianos of late, for no other reason that I like the way they look. For some reason I feel like pianos are disappearing from design; I see them so rarely. I realize that not many people even know how to play the piano anymore (kids these days, what are we going to do with them!?), myself included. I was forced to take lessons and practice but to no avail; I was just terrible. Anyway, as a designer though, I think they're so beautiful. There's something about having a grand piano in your living room or hall that is so romantic.

Isn't this so glam/a tad ridiculous (in a good way) ? I love it though--how many times have you seen a fur covered piano seat? I suppose if you can't play the piano you can have one of those automatic playing ones! BNO Design.

If you have a large hall such as this one, it is a perfect spot for a piano. You also have to take acoustics into account. Who will be able to hear this? I'm sure this is a great spot though--it looks delightful. Jamie Kerns Design Theory.

I love how the light is streaming in on this corner of the room like a spotlight on the piano. It's important to choose a good light for the top of the piano as well. By Joe Lucas.

This is so tranquil looking but can't you imagine some perfectionist evil genius playing some 20 minute long piece on this piano? Somebody had to say it! By Hordon Cherry Lee Architects.

This was one of the rooms at the Kips Bay Showhouse this year that I was in charge of. Designed by Charles Pavarini. While this wasn't my favorite room at all, I found it incredibly inventive and well done. This piano off to the left was custom made for the showhouse and is a white crosshatched design. Pianos can be custom designed to pretty much anything you want, they don't always have to be white or black!

If you do have a piano, you're very lucky! There are many things to think about--space planning, situating it for acoustical reasons, and definitely don't just hide it in a corner! If you don't know how to play it anymore, just learn or hire someone to play it for you!

Alicia B.


Virginia said...

How lovely to find these beautiful pianos and a piano-loving designer. I'm a pianist who is currently without a piano, which is kind of like living without a limb. But I'm also writing a novel about piano-playing women from very different eras - one the turn of the 20thC, the other the turn of the 21stC. The decline in women playing piano is directly linked to their having more choices about how to spend their leisure time, and not needing to play to attract a husband, like in Jane Austen novels! Thanks for the beautiful pics.

Dorm Bedding said...

Not sure about a fur covered piano seat, but I love the second photo :) Ok, maybe if it's fake fur.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sigh. I can't wait until I have room for a piano in my apartment.
"You have brought music back in to my life. I had forgotten." Thanks Alicia B! Any guesses on that quote?!