Saturday, July 23, 2011

My first thought in the morning...

Are you the type of person who wakes up in the morning and their first thought is a tiny decorating idea? If so, you and I should be friends. My first thought yesterday morning as I opened my eyes, was of my overwhelming desire to put trim on my lampshade that sits on top of my dresser. Is that weird? Or does that just make me an awesome designer? I think the latter. Anyway, check. It. Out.

First I had to pick out which fabulous trim to put on the lampshade. Since I worked in the D & D building I sometimes got free trim from fabulous places like Scalamandre. No ivory braid this time.

No fringe, I wanted it to look more crisp.

I LOVE this one but not for a lampshade.

And FINALLY, I found the one (the one) I was looking for! Next I had to measure it and glue it on. When I say measure, I mean wrap it around to see that it fits and then cut it. Obvi.

I got this awesome glue for fabric at my favorite art store on the Upper West Side, Lee's Art Shop and went to town on the lampshade.

Wooo! I put it on the top and bottom and I think it looks fresh and finished! The lampshade was from BBB so it was in expensive and I can switch up the trim on a new lampshade, come fall.

Close up.

What do you all think? I love mini projects like this. I have zero time lately with work and my wedding being in TWO WEEKS, so doing a quick creative project (craft time!) makes me feel good. Do you all have any mini projects like this? Do you have a lamp that needs some action?

Alicia B.


Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

i have those exact thoughts ALL the time!!! i love what you did, it adds a unique touch! xo happy weekend!

Decor Arts Now said...

Cute Alucia! You must be in. Frenzy with everything! Xo, Lynn

Anonymous said...

That lamp actually looks much better now with that fringe! Amazing.