Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time to Hang Out Outside!

Now that the temperature in New York has dipped below 95, I think it's safe to go outside again. I love summer and I love hot weather but I don't love not being able to breathe because it's so hot. Mid 80's is my favorite temperature and since I live in a mini hi-rise, I'm dreaming of some lovely outdoor spaces.

Why even bother dealing with your outdoor decor when you have a view like this! Still, flowers, and placemats/tablescaping is important. A Columbian home from Veranda Mag.

The furniture is MEH, but the architecture with the loggia and slatted ceiling are pretty good looking. That dog needs to beat it and let the light fixtures get a little attention, too. From HERE.

Gary McBournie has some fun rattan furniture with preppy striped cushions but the eye catching feature (am I a real-estate agent or something?) is the movable shutters. They let in air and some very beautiful light.

Living Etc. This one my first pin on pinterest and it's gotten a LOT of action! I love the swaying fabric panels. Isn't the pink so tropical and gorgeous?

This image, which was on the cover of Elle Decor last summer reminds me of New England. I can't remember exactly where it is though--could be on the Hudson somewhere. Anyway it reminds me of a cool summer night in CT.

Sixx Design designed this wonderful wooden slatted deck. The most impressive part are the beautiful shadows that it casts.


Anonymous said...

that slatted wood deck is just beautiful!

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