Friday, July 15, 2011

Orkney Chair Love

My favorite part about my job is the shopping part--surprised? Recently I was asked to find some accessories and other items for a beach house. Though my idea was rejected I thought an Orkney chair would be fun in one of the bedrooms; perhaps the guest room. I was wrong but I decided to take a look at how else they are used. As a bit of history, Orkney chairs come from a small Scottish island of Orkney and were made from the materials that the inhabitants had readily available. What started out as a small stool covered in straw, became a unique looking hooded chair to protect them from the drafts.

Through my search, I saw them used as dining chairs. Mixing chairs at a dining table looks eclectic and collected and I love the Orkney chairs at the head of the table. Found this awesome image HERE.

I love the white washed body on this Orkney chair--it makes it softer. This room is just lovely and the Orkney chair is less predictable. By Phoebe Howard.

I love this image. This is like the book "Goodnight, Moon" where you try to find the little mouse in every picture. Try to find the mini Orkney chair in this one! What a sweet accessory in a child's room. By Shannon Bowers from Veranda.

This is a lot of wood tones for my taste but it's interesting to see the entire table surrounded by Orkney chairs. Heavy. By Mark Boone.

Here is another white painted chair in a beach house--perfect for a beach house like I thought! I'm loving the idea of an Orkney chair in a pool house--and I love the drapery fabric too. By Phoebe Howard again from HERE.

A chair at a stair landing is a perfect use of space. It's a nice focal point and usually you just walk by that area. I'm not saying that you'll sit in that but its a very beautiful chair and therefor the perfect spot for it. Orrick & Co.

The amazing thing is that these chairs are all handmade (if you buy right) and unique. You can find them at antiques stores--I was first introduced to them at my first job HERE. So, are they becoming ubiquitous? Do you like them? In my imaginary house on Nantucket, I think I'll have an Orkney chair somewhere in there. Maybe in the guest room...hmm.

Happy Friday (this day can't be over fast enough)!

Alicia B.


Whitney said...

Orkney is lovely! What a great selections of images, too! Gonna pin them all onto Pinterest (have you become addicted yet?). Happy Friday Bride To Be! xo,
Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home

The Zhush said...

These chairs are so charming! Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

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