Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cooler Than the Debt Ceiling

YUP, I got a little political. I don't care for political talk on blogs, but I'm going to make it about design, so roll with it. I don't even know anything about what "Debt Ceiling" means but I've heard it thrown around a lot...I saw some gorgeous cool ceilings a few days ago and wanted to see more.

I've become borderline obsessed with fabric ceilings. This showroom has one with a looping fabric ceiling interacting with the lighting etc and almost ruining it with boring furniture. From HERE.

Mollie Johnson blows me away with this undulating black and white ceiling. I love large exposed beams and the way they are painted here with a contrasting black and white is amazing.

This simple weather wood ceiling is subtle but incredibly beautiful. With all the action going on with textiles and the chandelier its nice to have a calming light ceiling. Andrew Racquet.

Intricately painted ceilings are rarely seen except for if you go to the Frick, but Tobi Fairley takes the painted ceiling and makes it appealing and more modern. It looks like an abstract painting.

Need a place to put some wallpaper? How about the ceiling? Am loving this paisley pattern on the ceiling. From this Pinterest place.

Allison Caccoma gives us more black and white detailing with these arches leading into this sitting room.

I saved the best for last. Need I say more? Benjamin Noriega Ortiz

So did you forget about the debt ceiling? Did I distract you with the cool ceilings? Good. Since I live in a blah rental apartment it's fun to see all that you can do to the ceiling with a high gloss paint, or a fabric treatment. Putting wallpaper on the ceiling is a fun idea too. If you ahve some left over (as I do) putting it in a small room certainly adds another dimension. Happy Saturday!

Alicia B.

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