Monday, July 18, 2011

Throwing at a Wedding

Our wedding is now in less than three weeks and all the little pieces of it are coming together (thanks to my mom!). My mother asked me what I thought people should throw as my future husband and I are leaving the wedding and of course I want to do something special and different. Take a look at the fun ideas I've seen. Don't worry I omitted the releasing the butterflies idea--not my style.

Bubbles are fun and very beautiful--my friend (that works HERE) had them at her wedding 2 years ago and I saved the bottle because it's so cute and romantic! From this cute photog blog.

At the wedding I was in a few weeks ago for my bestie from college, we all got sparklers. It was very summery and fun. (I took this picture)

Lavender is a classic thing to throw at the new couple. My sister and her husband had that and it's very beautiful and doesn't hurt the birds like rice might. From HERE.

This is a super patriotic idea of everyone waving the stars and stripes as the couple heads off to their honeymoon. This could me a cool idea to bring all the flags from different countries represented at the wedding or of the two families background if they are different. From SMP.

This is my favorite idea--throwing pom-poms! I love the colors and it could be a really cost conscious idea too. This would also make amazing photos! From this fab pinterester.

I still don't know what we will be throwing...or do I? Maybe I'll have 100 white doves released as we run out of the wedding--I know my fiance would love that...and my dad too. HA. Does anybody else have any cool ideas?? What did you marrieds throw?

Alicia B.


Erica said...

I love to throw 100 doves on my wedding! I think that's a great idea, thanks!

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Darcy said...

Alicia, I love the idea of sparklers. How beautiful and romantic!

Anonymous said...

Go with the pom poms! I would say that the lavender also does not hurt YOU - people actually throw these things AT you and not just up in the air. I love the sparklers too - great pic!

Decor Arts Now said...

23 years ago last May, we released balloons. It made for great photos.
My balloons were regular sized. Recently I saw party photos where the balloons were super sized! 36"

That might be interesting....... Good luck! lynn

Alicia B. Designs said...

Anon--I'll run the pom poms idea past my mother...I'm into it kind of!!! Love the colors.

Lynn--I LOVE the idea of balloons! That would make for amazing photos. :)