Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Decorating Proj Number One

So, it is the first of December, which means that there are only 24 more days until Christmas! Time to decorate, buy gifts, write cards, bake treats etc. Over the weekend while I was home in the country, I went to one of my fave antiques stores (will talk about that later) and I found these three fun vintage Christmas post cards (below)! They even had writing on the back which made them even more special. You can find some on ebay too!
I really wanted to do something interesting with them rather than just have them. I didn't want to cut them to make cards either. I decided to display them in a really fun and festive way! I attached each one them them to a red grosgrain ribbon with about an inch in between and a few inches extra at the bottom. You can get lots of great ribbon at Kate's Paperie. Then I took another red ribbon and tied a floppy blow and safety pinned it to the top, attached it to my door and voila!
Now I have the start of some fun and inexpensive Christmas decorations! YAY! (I might need to calm down.)

Alicia B.


thevintagechair said...

What a cute idea! This is how we displayed our Christmas cards last year! Aren't those vintage Christmas finds fun?
My grandmother is a porcelain artist and whenever she paints things for Christmas they always have that vintage feel. So beautiful.

Alicia B Blogs said...

Oh! That's so cute! I love the vintage-y feel, makes Christmas feel more wholesome.