Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spain Travels: Part one

Traveling is a really great way to see design from other places first hand. Pictures are great but to really take in a city, culturally, and design-wise, the only way is to visit it. Eat there, walk around, visit museums, talk to people...or just be a complete nerd, like yours truly, and take over 300 pictures in seven days so that you don't forget one thing. And try to use the Spanish that you've learned from Sesame Street twenty years ago.

A Gaudi house in Barcelona

So, after all the great guesses I got (none), you got it, I went to Spain! I arrived in Madrid with the parents and met up with my younger sister, then we traveled up to Barcelona, Figueres, and Cadaques. I was blown away by Barcelona. I think it was my favorite place of the trip--the architecture there is amazing. It's a mix of Gaudi masterpieces, art nouveau, traditional Spanish architecture and mixed in when you're not expecting it are some great modern buildings.

Today's feature is the tile work. The tile work all over Spain was gorgeous. It's authentic and evokes the feeling of true craftsmanship when you look at it. I took lots of pics of it to put up on here so I hope you enjoy it too. It's such a beautiful design feature.

Store front tiles.

I love this rich blue and white one.

This is taken at a construction site in Toledo. I hope they don't destroy this original tile work!

Tiles in the foyer of just a regular walk up apartment building.

Taken at Park Guell. Amazed.

Stairway taken at an unassuming restaurant in Toledo.

Pretty stairway in Cadaques.

Most of these tiles were just right there in a regular Spanish house, not in someones high end penthouse. Next stop: Iron work around Spain!

Alicia B.


Emily Amy Gallery said...

Absolutely beautiful...each of the tile installations are like works of art! I look forward to seeing the ironwork!

Paloma said...

Gorgeous! I am so incredibly in love with Spain. I just went there (Madrid, Segovia, Avila, and Salamanca) for the first time in June. What did you think of Toledo? My Spanish friends (one is from Madrid, the other from Seville) both say it's their favorite Spanish city. I am dying to go back and am trying to convince my husband that we should go to Madrid and Toledo.

Alicia B Blogs said...

I loved Toledo so much. It was such a cute little walled village I would def recommend it. I didn't love Madrid as much as Barcelona and Cadaques. I would go back to those towns. Cadques was the sweetest little seaside town--So much fun!