Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dining Table and Sofa? YUP!

As if it wasn't obvious enough how much I adored the show Top Design (Eddie and Nathan in particular), I'm going to keep talking about it even when it's over. The show was silly sometimes but other times very inspirational and brought forth many design questions/issues. Remember the episode with those (ridiculous) Swarovski Crystal chandeliers? In Eddie's dining room that he designed, he put a sofa on one side of the dining table and chairs on the other. I was completely bewildered with the judges said they had never seen this idea before. I had seen it countless times in Domino and House Beautiful and had even used that idea in a school project! Anyway, I've collected some examples of this being done. Enjoi!

Tom Scheerer put this elegant sofa on one side of this breakfast/tea table. I think it looks very calming and draws your eye to the windows.

This one also leads your eye to the window but also give you something to settle on visually as these windows are floor to ceiling and there appears to be a lot of open space.
By architect Joeb Moore from Kaehler/Moore.

How elegant and cosy does this sweet little table look with these small sofas? From House to Home. I love the colors in this room too; perfectly feminine and inviting.

On the back wall they placed a gorgeous loveseat. From Domino.

You don't always have to have a sweet delicate little arrangement. Here, Alessandra Branca puts a heavy trestle table with an armless seat and matching high backed upholstered chairs.

I think the lesson learned here is, use a sofa with interest; some sort of embellishment or beautiful fabric. Also, don't have the sofa with it's back to you as you enter the room. Has anybody ever done this? I'd love to see pictures! I think it's a very sweet idea and when I have a small sofa I would use it in my breakfast room (when I have a breakfast room too). Perfect.

Alicia B.


Fabulous Finds Studio said...

I love the idea of a sofa at the dining table! I don't know what those judges were thinking, that dining room was gorgeous!
Have a fabulous day!

Lauren said...

sofas at a table add so much interest & softness to the room! great post

maple said...

i adore how inviting a sofa at the table seems. that's what dinner is supposed to be--a time to relax and indulge in comfort!

and i LOVE that purple wall.
i miss you, domino :(