Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Rita Konig's bedroom in her fun eclectic apartment in NYC. She uses a floral pattern in the bedspread, the wallpaper and even the light fixture!

So over the summer I was seeing lots of geometric patterns, lattice work etc in fabrics and wallpapers. WELL, summer is over, and so is geometry. Sort of. Anyway, I've been noticing a lot of flower patterns in wallpaper, bedspreads and fabrics in general. I find it quite calming in a world full of dropping numbers and people panicking about the economy etc. (clearly I need to get out of NYC for a few days). Flowers are pretty, sweet, and simple. Take a look at some of these sweet rooms.

I think this wide floral patterned dining room makes the space look bigger than it already is by adding a depth and openness to the walls. By Michael Taylor.

I know, I know. It's very traditional, but SO pretty! Look at the effect of the large beams on the ceiling leading down to the simple but beautiful curtains and into the room. By Markham Roberts.

Again, Markham Roberts (genius) uses the flowers to frame out a room/area, and it continues around the room (tablecloth, flowers on table and on mantle).

Even with traditional flowers, you can make the space look modern. Living etc.

Mix many different floral patterns for an eclectic look like this one by Fawn Galli.

Does this wall paper look familiar? (See above.) Found it in Domino.

It could be fun to use big bold flowers, like this one in Greenwich, for a glam/modern/but also classic look.

There is a lot of floral fabric in this bedroom designed by Barry Dixon (love!), but it is a pretty wide pattern so it appears more subtle and not too over-flowered. In the huge glass vase, the theme continues! So cute!

It's interesting how even though we are seeing lots of flowers, they can still maintain a modern look or some of the geometric quality. I think that when people think flowers, they think old lady designs or a stuffy chintz, but they can be light, feminine, modern, or glam depending on how you place it. Thoughts?

Alicia B.

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Seems like a fine line. What do you think is the element that makes things grannyish?