Monday, November 17, 2008

Pink is the new pink.

Ever since one of my fave bloggers Joanne Goddard said that pink is back, I've been super happy. For me, pink is always in, but I don't pay much attention to that because I'm the type of person who, if I'm not wearing pink or some form of it, I think I look "goth." Anyway, through looking at some of my favorites I've found some pink beauties! And it's not what you're thinking--bubblegum girly pink--it's the jewel toned, glam, festive pink.

How beautiful is this coral bag from J Crew?

From Domino mag, one big bright burst of pink with small subtle accents in the bedding. Rad.

Mary Mcdonald interior. This is so pretty and I love the contrast of the sweet pink with the intense zebra rug.

Markham Roberts. This is a super gutsy use of A LOT of pink--even in the wallpaper.

These are from Kate Spade. Great gift idea (for me)!

From House Beautiful. This room has many neutrals or black/whites but is carried by this amazing bright bench. I love this room.

Pinks and soft greyish blues here! From Metropolitan home.

How glam is this room from Living Etc? Greys, and blacks contrasted with those small hot pink pillows.

I love pink. To me it's a happy and uplifting color. It is associated with glamour, summer, breast cancer awareness...thoughts?

Alicia B.

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