Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spain Travels: Part Two

I'm so happy about all the interest I've gotten so far from my little trip to Spain--thanks! The other things that caught my eye walking around Spain were the iron work and the doors as well.

Isn't this woodworking incredible? Sorry, this was taken at night...after some Sangria.

I love the curving in this doorway.

This is a big door to a church in Figueres.

Some of the art nouveau style that I saw all over Barcelona. Gorgeous and whimsical!

I think this is in Madrid. More of that curvy quality to it.

I couldn't not include this one. Who lived here? So gorgeous.

This is one of many intricate iron work street lamps all around Barcelona.


I loved these ironwork balconies just off the square in Madrid. Isn't that red incredible?

So simple and beautiful painted black.

They were all so different and beautiful. I love to look at the ironwork all around New York, but I was blown away by the amount of it in Spain. Every now and then there would be a very pretty door. I just can't help but imagine who lived there, the carpenter that made it, probably by hand, and how long it has been there? Something to think about.

Also, I've added some of my favorite pictures to Etsy. I don't mean to "sell myself" but I hope you like them!

Alicia B.

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thevintagechair said...

I love the heavy, wooden, arched doors of spain. With the iron work it is just so architecturally interesting. Your trip looks like it was lovely!