Monday, March 16, 2009

Amazing Giveaway: Shades of Light Fleurette Floor Lamp!

Want to win something? Of course you do! This week I'll be doing a give away for one of my favorite stores: Shades of Light. They specialize in one of my fave things: lighting; but they also have a gorgeous selection of home accessories, furniture, rugs, and more! Remember when I blogged about them for my selection of great and affordable floor lamps? See it HERE if you missed out. Well ever since then, I've been in love with their line--check out their website HERE for more great things. They have a blog as well--Inspired Spaces.

Enough gushing--back to the giveaway! The item we're giving away today is the Fleurette Floor lamp above (shade not included). This lamp is perfect for right now as it reminds me of spring. It's also fun, organic and very beautiful. These are the rules: To enter the contest you must comment to this post by Thursday March 19th 8 PM EST. Type the name of the lamp (Fleurette) and what you're looking forward to most for spring, besides the possibility of winning this great floor lamp. Winners must be in the lower 48 states only, and of course, only one entry per person. I'm not allowed to win, so give it your all!

Since the shade is not included, let me suggest these:THIS one is great for spring! Bright and happy. The Cotton Duck shade.
I love this pattern of the Modern Damask Drum Shade.

I'll announce the winner as chosen by on Friday March 20th. Good luck everyone! PLEASE NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS

If you like this lamp and want to see more of Shades of Light's products, please visit their website AND their blog! Be careful though--everything they have is something you're going to want!

Alicia B.


suburban prep said...

What a stunning lamp the Fleurette is. It will compliment most decor. It makes me think of Spring and the possibilities of what there is to come.
I am hoping that after all the snow that the Midwest has had that the upcoming Spring months will bring sun and warm weather and beautiful flowers. There is the possibility of taking the nephews and the nieces to the park and enjoying a picnic out at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

J'adore la fleurette et Alicia B. Obvi.

To add to the comment before mine, I too am looking forward to spring weather and the throwing out of my UGGs! More importantly, though, I am also hoping the market turns up so we can say goodbye to the saddest effect of this downturn - use of the term "recessionista".

amie said...


i love everything there is to spring, cleaning out my home, making everything clean and fresh for the rest of the year!!!!!!!!!!

sarah said...

I'm actually in the market for a floor lamp and this Fleurette version is much prettier than the basic Ikea one I've pretty much settled on.

As for spring... I'm looking forward to shedding layers of clothing. I also miss keeping my 1 year-old twins cooped up inside, so it will be fun to explore the parks in our new neighborhood when the flowers warm up. OH and starting my herb garden... so many reasons I'm counting the minutes until spring's arrival.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh so pretty. I'll have to go check out their blog and site!

remodel_addict said...

What a great lamp!

I'm looking forward to seeing some green outside -- I've had enough of all the brown, dead leaves and grass.

Anonymous said...

Ah, my first comment, for I covet this Fleurette lamp.

I am looking forward to sunny weekends exploring Williamsburg. Is it wrong that Busch Gardens is at the top of my list?

techyone said...

Fleurette = Beautiful
I'm looking forward to warm weather and beautiful flowers. I've actually been obsessing over flower seeds for the past week. I want to plant!

valerie2350 said...

the Fleurette is pretty! I love spring and the feeling of freshness with all the green and flowers :)

Kristin said...

I may be moving soon and this Fleurette lamp could be the start of a new home.

This spring, I'm looking forward to being able to go outside and stay outside more. I'm also looking forward to Easter, seeing my little cousins, and finally being done with my thesis.

homie lover and friend said...


I'm excited for spring and an excuse not to do work and instead play outside.

Sharon in Chicago said...

I'm looking forward to the new beginnings that spring represents -- shedding the old, tired ways of doing things and creating anew.

disastress said...


i am most looking forward to FLIP FLOPS!


anusha said...

I love this lamp base. It reminds me of a stem of a plant with an inverted flower at the bottom. Would love to own this for spring.
I am planning on getting into running, and maybe some outdoorsy sport. Apart from that, I want to redecorate my apartment. I would like to incorporate some nice warm and bright fabrics and furniture to jump start a fresh season.

nm said...


I'm looking forward to Spring because girls will be wearing less clothes.

Kindle Marie said...


That lamp is awesome! I am looking forward to going fishing. I look like a diva and the name says it, but I am a HUGE tomboy at heart!

I can't wait to go to Rodanthe to get some fresh fish out of the water...yummy!

jessica said...

Loving on the Fleurette floor lamp!

I am most looking forward to spring days full of: walks to central park in sundresses & flipflops, brunches eaten outside on sidewalk cafes, and iced coffee...all with the greatest friends in the greatest city!

Kelly said...

The Fleurette lamp is beautiful!

I'm looking forward to Spring and the new beginnings it brings.

daly essentials said...

I love the fleurette lamp!

I am so excited for spring. I'm most looking forward to walking outside - the sunshine and the shopping!

KM said...

That Fleurette lamp would be perfect in our guestroom! Its shape is so gentle and would add some warmth to the room.

Here in Chicago, we are finally able to go outdoors without bracing ourselves for the cold first, which seems like a small miracle. I am looking forward to the first beach weekend here where everyone comes out and shamelessly bares their pasty skin at the beach. Amusing.

MJ said...

I love the Fleurette lamp!
I teach. I'm looking forward to a week of Spring Break at the beach with hubby & a car load of books!!!

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