Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to Miami

SO, I'll be taking a little hiatus and going on a vacation with my younger sister to Miami. Life has been stressful so this is a much needed break. Here are some pictures of two amazing hotels that coincidentally we will not be staying at. (I know I ended the sentence with a preposition and I'm dead inside about it.) Miami has a crazy amazing art deco feel to it unlike any other; huge white buildings, florescent colors, and art deco architecture taken to an extreme. These two hotels, The Raleigh and The Delano really impressed me with their beautiful interiors and soothing color schemes.

The Raleigh. In the lobby somewhere--woah high ceilings.

A Raleigh bedroom.

Is that not the coolest looking swimming pool you've even seen?

Beach. Even their beach chairs and designed nicely. Can't wait to be there!

Cute curtains in the room. Cool color scheme.

Raleigh on the pool deck. Woah, should I change our reservation? I think so!


The Delano definitely has a distinctly different look. Crisp whites, and dark glamorous colors.

White on white.

Glamorous cabanas at nightfall. OOO romantic!

Rose bar. Perhaps we'll swing by there tonight. I love those chandeliers.

What a nice view. Can you imagine waking up there in your soft white marshmallow cloud of a bed and looking out onto the ocean? At the Delano.

Pretty little scene. Wouldn't you love to take your coffee (or cocktail) here in a two toned wing chair?

A secret source of mine (the beau went down about 2 weeks ago) said that the Delano has amazing gardens and pool deck area. It seemed like he was more impressed by it. I think we'll be checking out both areas though. I have to see that pool at the Raleigh in person. It looks like a shield! All these pics came from the websites of the hotel. The Raleigh and the Delano are gorgeous, you might want to check them out! Have a great week, and don't miss me too much. Be good to yourselves, I know I will be. Though I don't exactly tan, I'm going to give it my best efforts!

Alicia B.


anusha said...
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anusha said...

hey hey, have a wonderful vacation in Miami. I loved the pool. It is so unique. I love the cool color schemes in Raleigh. The other hotel I would like to check out is the Mondrian hotel in Miami. it was designed by Marcel Wanders.

Raina said...

Yes, that pool is the most awesomest on the planet.

And, boy, the Delano's interiors have aged well.

Have a great time, Miz Alicia and sister!

Mona said...

Simply gorgeous! I'm inspired.

David Thompson said...

Nice to see inside these fantastic hotels.

Down Comforter said...

Some terrific photos :) Have a great vacay!

Robin said...

Those photos simply scream "vacation!". Hope it is lovely, please bring the Miami warmth back the northeast with you, it turns out Spring was only a rumor...

MACMAN said...

Wow, your photos make me want stay on south beach again. It looks there is more to do then lay out on the beach or swim with the dolphins in Miami. Your photos are amazing!!
God Bless,