Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Escape: Molori Safari Lodge

My sister kindly gave me a gift subscription to Forbes Magazine a few months ago. While I thanked her for her thoughtful gift, I thought to myself, "I'm never going to read this." It's for business and finance people and I'm the artsy design-y one! Well sure enough, I actually started reading it! There was this amazing spread of a high end safari lodge in South Africa, the Molori Safari Lodge. Usually I'm the type to fall in love with some traditional design but this is fun and funky with a bit of traditional wrapped it. Molori actually means "dreamer." You had me at Molori. Check it out:

Can you just imagine sunning yourself here? Out in the African wilderness? I love those chairs contrasted with the modern outdoor rug and the beautiful smooth terrace. They have fold away glass walls in nearly every room so that you can be sheltered, but enjoy the outdoors as well.
Are you inside or outside? Who cares!

That lantern hanging from the super high thatched roof ceiling, the fur at the foot of the bed, and the asymmetrical headboard made of drift wood are such surprising design elements here.

I especially love the views from each room. You are in an uber luxurious bedroom with a stone fireplace and a tree growing off to the side, looking out on the amazing African landscape with lions, elephants, and all sorts of other wildlife just right there. Ridiculous.

Is that not a relaxing scene? I love the woven stool there. Everything looks so warm.

Apparently this is where African Heads of State have secret meetings here; the who's who in Africa have stayed here and are friends with the owner. The average night's stay here is about $1800-4900. Not bad! I think what I liked the most was how much this surprised me. The designer, Stephen Falcke could have gone uber traditional but they used so many eclectic pieces and many natural textures. I'd love to go there and just touch everything...and then go swimming in the pools there. ps-photos by Collin Miller Photo.

Alicia B.


Raina said...

Good googly moogly! That looks like a fantastic getaway. For those prices, I hope they are going to carry me everywhere in a litter and peel my grapes.

Wait - that sounded weird.

And Forbes? Is your sister in finance?

Anonymous said...

Nope I'm a lawyer. Forbes is a great magazine, and judging by the growing size of its binding recently, I'd say I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Down Comforter said...

What an amazing place! This is the kind of surrounding I wouldn't have even thought of visiting or living in....but would love to :)

Anonymous said...

breathtaking collaboration with Douglas DeBoer of Rebel Design+Group. We need more architects like these people who protect and preserve natural habitat. DFJ