Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paula Deen Home Collection?

Is this real? Are all my dreams finally coming true? I can't remember where I saw this but I Googled it, and found a few articles about Paula Deen presenting her new home collection at the High Point Market, March 23rd! I'm practically out of breath with excitement! HERE is the article in Home Textiles Today online. Apparently she already has collaborated with Kaleen to put together her own line of rugs.

The new collection with include 25 fabrics and about 50 different pieces of furniture. Deen describes her own personal style as, "ranging from Asian-inspired to shabby chic." How cute is she? Paula describes her collection, "I like so many things, and if they are put together properly, it is stunning. Some of the furniture is shabby chic and has a distressed, casual look. We also have pieces that are solid wood that have more of a formal look. These pieces can be mixed and matched." By the way, when you read it, you have to read it with her amazing accent. Just a bit of advice.

Personally, the rugs aren't exactly my style but who doesn't adore Paula Deen? I love her cooking show; she's so funny, adorable, silly, and caring. I think I first fell in love with her when I caught her cooking show when she was making Ginger Bread Men/ladies cookies. She was making the cookie version of her husband come on to the cookie version of her! Amazed.

Give-away contest for the floor lamp ends today at 8PM EST. HIT IT, Y'ALL.

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

HA! I totally remember that episode of her show!! She gets a little inappropriate sometimes and it is hilarious. I am not convinced that really good fattening food translates into awesome home collection though. Thoughts?

Raina said...

I love Paula Deen with all my heart and wish that she was my mother.

She can do no wrong.

That is all.

sarah said...

I love watching her, although she's not in my top 3 of Food Network chefs (hosts?). I bet it would be a riot to dine with her and her family over the holidays.

Dan said...

Read about this over at yesterday. What a joke.

Down Comforter said...

I'm really curious to see her line. When I think of Paula, I think of grits & dumplins, not rugs & sofas. It'll be interesting :)

Michelle said...

I'm in the furniture industry and I've seen the line. It's gorgeous and I think you are going to be pleased and surprised.

Jason Windsor said... has a video interview with her, including some footage of her new collection from High Point Market.