Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Non-boring Side Tables

If you show me this boring thing again I'll die. I don't want to be dramatic or anything, but it's a very real possibility.

Since the big move, I've noticed that my new apartment is really lacking a great side table in which I can put things; bowls, frames, and stack papers (that go in cute containers, duh). So I've found some fun and different side tables that include shelving! I can't take this modular look for another moment, so I've branched out and I hope you enjoy them.

This little unassuming table is from LL Bean Home and comes in many fun bright colors for $99. Great price for so many shelves!

This bobbin table from MGBW would be perfect, but I need more shelves. I still love it though and it's only $325.

Perfect for small spaces, here is an Asian inspired table, the Harbour Tea Table from Gumps for $259.

J'adore this faux bamboo etagere on castors, also from Gump's for $649

Very attractive 4-shelf bookcase from Ballard Designs. The Dunstan for only $289.00

This one is plain, but classic. The Conservatory Garden End table from Ralph Lauren Home for ONLY $7485.

When I'm a high end designer, I plan on using Hickory Chair all the time. The Chippendale lamp table HERE.

I like the brass accents on this; especially the fretwork top! This 3-tier etagere is from Baker for $3038.00 Hmm.

This beautiful mahogany antique table that I found on 1st Dibs is most certainly going to be out of my range, but aim high...right? From Burden and Izett who has very beautiful antiques.
I've really fallen in love with Victoria Hagan's Designer collection through Target. I am leaning towards this one. I like the wood ornamentation on the sides and its only $79.99. And Victoria Hagan designed it so...I'm in!

When I said I was "leaning towards" the Victoria Hagan one, I really meant that I bought it four hours ago. Oops! I'm so excited to get some things off the ground--literally. Next stop: the Container store for some more cute boxes. What?! They're having a sale!!

Alicia B.


Iffer said...

Restoration Hardware has something similar to the Ralph Lauren table for $450.

Alicia B Designs said...

ooo! Thanks for the tip iffer! Love your blog btw.

sarah said...

Oh that Target one you ordered is super cute. Let me know how you like it. I know sometimes the quality on Target stuff can be iffy. (not that expect life-long pieces from Target... but I don't want them to break the moment I get them out of the box)

Down Comforter said...

You have some great choices - I really like the last one, too :)

lauriegraham said...

The last one is so cute! I want it! I need to search for it online and hopefully will find similar side table at Ballard Designs.