Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I heart Studio Ilse

Today is a day of recovery. After a bitter snowfall yesterday in NYC and biting winds today and then the whole drama with The Bachelor, I'd say we need some gorgeous interiors to aide in our emotional restoration. I discovered this design firm Studio Ilse that does boutique contract design and they have a line of home goods. They have a unique style and the pictures are just pleasing to look at. I hope you enjoy.

This is from one of their residences in Notting Hill. I love how this organic light fixture echoes the glass one in the next room.

There is the chandelier again in the Notting Hill flat. How much are you in love with those antique medical anatomy prints? I love those and I've been on the hunt for some for quite some time.

This is simple, but I love it. I love the desk, flooring, and circular staircase for this Mount St. Shop.

In the restaurant of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, this neutral kitchen is perfectly organized. I especially love the light fixture; they didn't choose the typical industrial pendant.

I HATE those light fixtures but those aggressive white high backed breakfast table chairs are calling to me.

Stunning. And I love the dark green soft texture contrasted with the shiny smooth gilded screen.

Ceiling. Look at it. And also I feel like even though there are different "conversation areas," as there should be in a hotel common room, this room seems unified. Maybe it's the ceiling.

This huge room with soaring ceilings is made intimate with a fireplace and that cluster of paper chandeliers. I love how they mixed that large traditional sofa with more modern shaped chairs. They could be seen as cold, but not here--the whole room looks so soft.

How amazing was that? I love when hotels are designed like this. They are like a home; like an actual person designed it and not like some formula that they had to follow. They are self described as Modern and emotional design. Makes sense I'd say. Studio Ilse has super creative product design, too. Take a look at it HERE. I know a lot of this is modern/mid century which is not something that usually appeals to me but somehow I'm drawn to it. NOW, who watched The Bachelor last night? HUH? ANYONE?? O. M. G. PS- Don't judge me for that.

Alicia B.


sarah said...

I love circular staircases but am, at the same time, deathly afraid of them.

And no, I didn't watch the bachelor, but I knew what was going to happen. Goes along with being the wife of a People magazine employee. ; )

Alicia B Designs said...

you knew??? YOU MEAN THAT WASN'T LIVE?? I'm floored.

Those staircases are so scary but beautiful to look at.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh you had me a hello with that the first picture. The subway tile the graphic artwork with the 25 and that rack to hold bottles of water. Heaven.

Now as for the Bachelor. I didn't watch this season, but I did read all about it this morning. What craziness. Why was girl #2 so happy to be picked at the end. I would be pissed that I was picked in the first case. Hmm strange. Will we ever know?

Raina said...

Each and every one is delicious! Great post, Ms. A.

Designers' Brew said...

yeah she's one of my very favorites. Gorgeous stuff.

M said...

Gorgeous, love your blog it's very inspiring!

Down Comforter said...

I really love the grouping of the paper chandeliers - really make a statement :)

Welcome Home said...

I couldn't help notice you posted a couple of pictures of an apartment I did for StudioIlse as a creative consultant. I did the Notting Hill apartment and I wanted to let you know that I got the prints from Retrevious an amazing reclamation warehouse in London