Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Architectural Digest Home Design Show Rundown.

As I mentioned last Friday, I headed over to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show on the west side. I love going and seeing the new trends and the huge kitchen stoves that I could never afford. Once you get past the boring overly smooth reconstituted go-green wood furniture and literally come on to people SIMPLY because they have their own 1st Dibs shop (I'm shameless for a good antique), it was pretty good. Some of it I was literally bored out of my mind--yes I know, you made that in Vermont and it's low VOC but IT'S UGLY AND BORING. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, here are some of my favorite things that I saw!

This is from the Bob Williams & Mitchell Gold display. I really liked this mirror but otherwise it was your basic sofa and lamp display. They are really great for a low cost sofa and coffee tables though.

The only saving grace to this horrid beige round chair (The Jeanie Round Chair) with karate-chopped pillows (shudder), is the mini stuffed animal bulldog. So cute!

I love these antique up and down lights. They were all a little bit different--I couldn't decide which was my fave. This was part of the 1st Dibs area and the shop was Country Gear Ltd.

Vol 1 Antiques was one of my favorites in the 1st Dibs Pavilion. I love these glass display domes.

I loved this birdcage sconce with little crystal flowers on it. I know, terrible picture--here it is on 1st Dibs. So cute!

How can you not be taken in by a GIANT skull on a distressed wood painted pedestal? I just don't know, but I could barely look away.

As a jar lover, I was obsessed with these antique mercury glass jars. Yes, I just called myself a jar lover. What.

Look how many!! From Linda and Howard Stein's spot in the 1st Dibs Pavilion. They have a shop in Bridgehampton.

This is one of those very high finished wood pieces I mentioned above. I have no idea what kind of baby would like that. By Laren Algren Woodworking.

I am a traditionalist for sure but I loved this display by FurtherDesign. The glass pieces they had were beautiful.

If you read my blog, then you know how I love colored glass jars and lamps. Don't you love that mini one off to the left? I think it knows how cute it is.

Drippy glass large sconce. Crazy but kinda cool and organic looking.

Cocobolo Design had some cool light fixtures, too. This large pendant had a gold mottled sort of interior finish but the fun part was that they had sculpted a spoon into the interior to block your eye from seeing the light bulb.

Also Cocobolo, this hanging pendant looks like a giant pea pod...or an eye.

I believe this was Cocobolo too. Pretty neutral colored wall sculpture.

I super loved this installation by Libby Ware Studio. They are small spheres and boxes made of ceramic. Check out the website HERE for more.

These glass lights were hand blown and so pretty! They were modern, came in clusters or as a table lamp (above) but I loved the organic quality to them.

Glass ball chandelier.

Suzanne Lovell's room was inspired by Henry James's Portrait of a Lady, so I was instantly taken by the scene. I love Henry James and this room was elegant and soft with pops of color. This shot is of the ceiling; a canopy of delicate grey silks.

The bed was simple but I love the lights on the nightstand and the pattern on the quilt was very interesting. I liked the pops of red on the bed and head board.

Before I started to pass out from exhaustion from this show, I saw a panel about kitchens! My fave speaker was William Diamond of Diamond Baratta Design. They use bright fun colors and their interiors are amazing. I was very intrigued about their obsession with painting the floors, too. Sounds like fun.

Did any of you go? Did you enjoy? Did I hear someone say they were bored? It's a lot to get through and there are lots of (somewhat pushy and annoying) people. I also, by accident, signed up for a subscription to the NY Times by a fellow ginger! What!? I got a free coffee mug, okay?

Alicia B.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ah! Yes it was me. Don't hate me, but I was bored. Not that there wasn't anything to look at. There was a ton, but it was a lot of the same old thing. Nothing really catched my eye. I bought my camera along and never even took it out. I did like some exhibits, but nothing drove me crazy. Maybe next time we should go together and you can show me the errors of my ways. :)

Alicia B Designs said...

HA I was only kidding! It just means you have discerning taste and aren't easily swayed by things. :) 2010 would be rad if we did it together! That show won't know what hit it!

Down Comforter said...

Thanks for the sneak peak :) So many fabulous things to look at - I really do love the birdcage sconce.