Monday, April 6, 2009

Mariu de Andreis in Paris

Over the weekend I was home chez my parents' house and as you may know, the Metro North train rides can be pretty boring. While I don't feel embarrassed to read the Twilight books on the train, a change is nice, so I picked up the latest Elle Decor UK version and loved it! There were many modern/industrial spreads which didn't super appeal to me but they were nice to look at nonetheless. One of the articles was really beautiful in particular was of Mariu de Andreis's apartment in Paris.

Mariu's father was Italian fashion photographer, Paolo Roversi, so photography is super important to her. How much do you want floor to ceiling windows with mouldings like that?

Am dying over the arrangement of the pictures over the mantle, as well as the mantle itself. I love the green blues brought into the color palette too. The fur ads softness to some of the hard modern elements in the room.

I love that table, even though it's so light, it has such a presence.

Like I said above, she has been very influenced by the idea of photographs and has created a small mural of Polaroids in the shape of a heart over her bed. She loves Polaroids because they are SO spontaneous and in the moment. What a cute idea.

Isn't the floor in this apartment incredible? They seem to have lots of books (applaud that) crammed into the shelves. I like this so much that I'm not even upset by the fact that she has leaning art on the shelf.

Close up on the art.

In an Italian household, she said that the kitchen/dining is the most important place in the house. I love this picture of her taking an espresso or a tea with her daughters. So cute (even though it's staged).

Here is Mariu. She has her own children's clothing line, Zef, which "epitomises the classic French bohemian look, born through Mariu’s eloquent natural feel for ethnic patterns with retro twists." Basically anyone who is anyone and is 6 years old in France, should be wearing Zef.

Not loving the stripped down industrial computer stand but I do love the lamp...and did I mention the floor?

Oh look, it's my least favorite piece of furniture of all time. HINT: The coffee table. It's okay though, the floor lamps and the bookcase make up for its short comings.

She has ANOTHER fireplace in this apartment? Jealous!

Now, I know it must seem weird that I would like something like this as I am a self proclaimed traditionalist but I love the eclectic look of it. It's glamorous without being pretentious and I don't even hate the mid century modern pieces! The architectural qualities of this apartment give it a good base, though. I'll certainly be getting Elle Decor UK more often.

Alicia B.


Raina said...

Yowza! That is one yummy pad. I'm going to have to get myself over to Borders and consider coughing up $25 for that month's issue.

Down Comforter said...

Great photo spread - so many inspiring design elements :)