Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Painted Furniture Adventure

In my quest for the perfect color for my new painted wardrobe (I can't very well call it my "new chest," can I?), I thought I'd take you on a little painted furniture quest. I actually am a bit of a painting nerd as I have a green painted kitchen table and chairs, and a blue distressed dresser! I have also painted my desk a light green and is has distressed naturally on it's own due to a life with me! Many designers use painted furniture. I think it can be a very chic look, but also quite relaxing looking.
Martha has a project here where she painted this pretty/traditional pattern on this caned head and foot board to a bed. So very country and sophisticated. I am so jealous of those wide/irregular floor boards.

Marshall Watson shows us here in this sitting room that with this painted end table, you can create a modern look with a painted piece! Gorgeous drapery fabric on the right, too.

I was thinking of painting the wardrobe a cream color but the walls are also cream. This tone on tone is quite nice and soothing though. By Gunkleman Flesher.

I just adore this little nightstand painted yellow with wire mesh on the doors. By my hero Jamie Drake. I also love the purple from the flowers against the yellow.

This is the color I'm going for, but more blue and lighter! This gorgeous antique chest would be perfect in my fantasy Tuscan kitchen. From Country Living.

Oh! Look who else has a light green kitchen table! I love it with the different colored chairs. It looks like a light and relaxing country kitchen. From Country Living.

I think I've narrowed down my colors to two now. I'm deciding between Swan Sea, and Lotus Leaf, which I can't find online. Sorry. Any opinions? Can't wait to paint it tomorrow!

It's between the one alllll the way to the left (Lotus leaf) and the one on the left in the top row (Swan Sea).

Alicia B.

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Down Comforter said...

I love painted furniture - I'm in the middle of painting a chest of drawers, myself. I like all the colors you have lined up - hard to choose :)