Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Outdoor Furniture Love

If I see this "stuff" one more time, I'm just going to snap. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Who can feel Spring coming? I can! I know it's only 40-something degrees here in NYC but it's much warmer than it was a few days ago. At least I'm not wearing Uggs, right?! So, the time is coming where all you want to do is be outside, eat outside, read outside, hang out etc. In the city you might not get much chance to choose your own furniture (if you do, you're lucky) and there are lots of options. Most of the time, it's boring modern woven wicker and if I see it one more time, I'm just going to lose it. I've done you all a favor and picked out some great pieces from a few of my fave places!

Petal Tables by Richard Schultz. I love these tables; they're so delicate but modern.

Inspired by plants, and shrubbery, these chairs, and benches are actually incredibly comfortable. By Richard Schultz in the Topiary Collection.

I could look through this store all day long; Mecox Gardens. I love this classic antique bench. The store is on the Upper East side and the Hamptons and is so gorgeous.

A deco inspired bench from Treillage, Bunny Williams's store on the Upper East Side. This store has so many amazing garden pieces.

I love this graceful painted iron chair from Treillage, too.

These pieces from Fermob are more on the whimsical slash modern side. This table has a canopy attached--how clever!

I really want one of these swings for my huge oak tree in my backyard. Oh wait, I don't have a backyard...just a fire escape. They come in SO many different colors, but pink is my fave! From Fermob, also!

This faux bois wood is from Currey and Co. Very nature inspired and beautiful.

Personally, all I'll need this spring is a little more sun but these pieces making me look forward to Spring more and more! When looking for outdoor furniture you can often get stuck in the rut of a teakwood collection, or just plain wrought iron, but you can really have some fun with it! Colors, styles, nature inspired pieces--I really wish I had a garden!

Alicia B.


anusha said...

omg these are so pretty and delicate finds. I love the small pink swing from Fermob. The deco inspired white bench and the Petal Tables are really unique and eye catching

LindsB said...

I'd love that pink swing on my fire escape...its just too bad the view is awful. I'll have to keep this in mind for the day I actually have a pretty back yard, I love it!

Raina said...

I'm not a fan of that boxy woven plastic furniture either.

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Dennise said...

I love the flower design. Good in the pool side.

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