Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Color: Purple

Easter is coming up in about a week and I'm so excited. It's just yet another sign that Spring is (finally) on its way! When I think of Easter, I think of pastel purples, yellows, greens, and pinks. Today I wanted to focus on purple though. It's a color that some people I know have an aversion to. They might say it's too obviously girly or cliche feminine but sometimes it can be happy, relaxing, and romantic. It can range from a deep rich purple, to a light lilac. You can create a room full of purple, or just a bright punch of it will do, as well.

From Living Etc, this moody pewter room has just a bit of purple in the throw pillows but it sure makes the difference.

Light lilac walls (California Paints Faded Lilac) and a sweet chair upholstered in a soft purple make this room light and relaxing. I'd love to read on that with the fur draped over me. Let's make that happen, shall we? By Kim Gilhool of Pimlico.

One of my loves, Hal Williamson. These purples are more subtle and very romantic.

Drake Design, always bold with color saturates the entire room with with a fruity purple.

And speaking of color mongers (nothing wrong with that), this room by Diamond Baratta is PRETTY MUCH all lilacs, grapes,!

Lots of times, purple is used in a traditional setting. Here it is in a more contemporary look as a sort of greyish purple. Isn't it neat how it makes the WHITE stand out? By Betsy Brown.

This comfortable looking sitting room is by (my idol) Amanda Nisbet. My favorite part is the throw pillow--I adore that fabric!

I don't have much purple in my own apartment but I do think it's pretty and can be very sweet. Do any of you have purple in your life? I can't wait until Spring officially comes and the flowers start to bloom in the country.

Alicia B.


Anonymous said...

I have a purple bedspread and pillows on my guest bed and I think it makes it quite soothing and inviting.

BTW, isn't PINK even more of a cliche girl color than Purple?! You crack me up.

Down Comforter said...

Great photos - I love the Betsy Brown room :)

Ana Elizabeth said...

Hi Alicia! I'm a fellow interior designer from the Dominican Republic and I gotta tell you, I love your blog! You always post such nice pictures and interesting articles. I work as an editor for an interiors magazine here in DR, but I'm currently starting two blogs. A personal one in English and a Spanish one for the magazine. I hope they turn out as successful as yours! All the best, Ana Elizabeth