Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OH. Well, these look like nice places to get clean...

I've always had a design obsession with bathroom spaces. Don't make it weird, but I really love them. They are places to get clean and refresh yourself. Start anew. They are centered around water and light and can be your own personal sanctuary if you do it right (like these designers).

Everything in here is so ethereal/perfect. It's the perfect mix of femininity and rustic style with the antique chair, the glow of light from the one window, and the exposed wood beams of the ceiling. This bathroom screams, or whispers rather, relaxation. From Marie Claire Maison.

This would look so great in my bathroom in the house I just bought on Nantucket (I'm really over the Hamptons)! What I love about this precious but glam room is the round lantern! A glow of beauty hovering over the antique nickel plated tub. By Mabley Handler (I think this is actually in the Hamptons.)

From Living Etc, I love the green tub! The doors make me think there's a lovely natural overgrown terrace outside with a pool. And that I'm in the countryside of England.

The marble floor and mosaic tiles inside the shower make me think of somewhere exotic. I'd love to have that many towels at my disposal too. Yum. James Michael Howard.

This bathroom has a little more modern look to it--but BE SURE not to miss the gnome holding your towels! It's easy to miss because you're probably staring at the oval window. Swoon. By Irwin Weiner. Double swoon.

This round upholstered chair is absolutely gorgeous in this space. Can't you imagine yourself in a bathrobe putting your feet up on the tub to give yourself a pedicure? I can! From House Beautiful. Also, a butterfly framed on that adorable table!

This looks like the ultimate relaxing sanctuary. You can draw the light curtains to have a little bit of privacy in this moody bath nook. By Greg Lanza.

I didn't notice until I was finished, but all the images that I chose (except for the one shower) were all tubs separate from the room with either little claws or a more sleek modern look but they are all free standing! I think a bathroom is nice because it's centered around water, rejuvenation, and most importantly, cleanliness.

Alicia B.


Emily said...

I love all of your beautiful posts! I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog.

Alicia B Designs said...

Emily! Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had time to actually have a use for these beautiful bathrooms. I discovered recently that we don't even have a stopper in the shower to take a relaxing bath. Help, Alicia B!

Raina said...

Lurve the weensy mosaic floor tile in the 6th photo.

d said...

I think my favorite is the second bathroom - love the tub :)

Down Comforter said...

The second bathroom is beautiful!