Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TAX DAY--Time to Shop!

A good way to lighten up the home is to change your quilt/duvet. I've been seeing this style quilt practically everywhere! From Cuddledown.

In honor of paying your taxes today (barf), let's all anticipate a great big fat refund check and shop! I'm so excited for Spring, as you know, and am looking forward to updating my wardrobe and also my home. As far as colors, I've been seeing lots of bright greens and yellows as well as navy blues. Have fun!Seersucker bedding from Cuddledown is a nice harbinger to Summer!

Galvanized metal is so hot right now. These great planters from Pottery Barn start at $29.

A great way to "Spring" up your home is to change out your lampshades! I super love THIS shade from Shades of Light with a pretty green monogram.
Oh look! My favorite drink, a G & T! Leather G & T coin purse from Kate Spade for $50

This yellow striped skirt is the love of my life right now. From Kate Spade for $375 and also comes in navy/white!

I'm pretty much a sucker for anything that has a daisy on it (ahh good times). This Brandies blueberry dress is from Trina Turk for $378. Boy, I hope I get a good refund if I want this dress!

Boden is one of my favorite stores. This Rainyday Mac Jacket is fun and springy for sure, for only $138.

I love the style of this feminine little light dress from Boden for $98. The Martinique dress also comes in denim-y blue, grass, and black.

Spring jackets are always super hard to find because it's such a transition season. This yellow knit jacket with a gorgeous huge button, from Boden, is $138.

I've been so good and not shopped in over a month! Shop away all and I'll live vicariously through you! Happy Tax Day.....

Alicia B.

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OMG, I love every pic in this post. You have such great taste. I love your blog, jsut found it. Keep up the good work!