Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Le Corbusier liked it...

La Lampe Gras! Brook Farm General Store in Brooklyn is apparently the ONLY store on the east coast to sell this gorgeous original architect's lamp designed by Bernard Albin Gras. Many repros have been made, which are gorgeous too, but this lamp is the only one of it's kind on this side of the country! I'd love to have one to attach to my drafting table while I toil away at floor plans and elevations. Rumor has it that Le Corbusier loved this lamp. Was it the secret to his success?? Something to think about... Anyway, I was drawn in to Brook Farm by this lamp but then discovered that it had SO much more to offer! Take a look at my favorite things. Ever.

Friend and fellow designer, Amie of Cafiero Lighting Design, just had a baby girl and this little ticking stripe blanket, $85, would make the snuggliest gift for her!

If I had this watering can maybe I would remember to water my plants! ...YUP, just bought it online for only $25.

Baking could never get more fun, but could it get better looking with these porcelain measuring spoons? I think so. HERE only $15.

I think my heart stopped when I saw these gorgeous colored pencils. I MUST have them. NOW.

And last but not least, an antique level. Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous? It's mahogany with brass inlay. I think you know what I mean.

I'd love to go check this store out in person. It looks like tons of home-store fun and I guess I could go shopping a little more often...you don't have to force me. Speaking of drafting and floor plans, I've been super busy lately with school so I just wanted to thank you all for being patient as the posting has taken a bit of a hit. Thanks for reading, following the blog, and following me on twitter! You guys are great!

Alicia B.


ashie said...

ahhh those are EXACTLY the measuring spoons i have been searching the earth for! stainless steel blows!

Faith Sheridan said...

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Down Pillow said...

Really great finds - I especially like the sweet blankets & watering can :)