Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nashville, Y'all: Part One

This past weekend I took a three day weekend for a girls weekend with a friend from college. We decided on Nashville as neither of us had been there and had heard many good things. We ended up having a rockin fun time and learned a lot about the small city. There were cowboy hats, cowboy boots, honky tonks (still trying to figure out what that REALLY means), southern accents galore, and music on every corner. We stayed at the super fabulous Loews hotel and I thought y'all might be interested to see how the hotel was designed. I was mighty pleased, myself.

This was the huge hotel lobby. I don't remember those stars being there but there were little patches of grass growing all around. You can see some growing around the base of that column!

This is what our room looked like. All the walls were grass cloth walls and one was an accent wall--also grass cloth. It made the room seem softer and less hotel-like. I was loving the orange lamp that they chose on the bedside table.

Another super gorgeous room, this time with a blue accent wall.

This is the inside of the elevator which always had a country song playing in it. It was gorgeous wood paneled and had damask fabric panels on each side and a mirror on the back wall. And a super high ceiling.

Rumor had it that Dierks Bentley, the country star, was staying there at the same time because he had a benefit concert (that we attended) that Sunday afternoon. We MIGHT have started this rumor but there was someone famous staying there and the concierge was super tight lipped about it. INTRIGUE. Can't wait to show you more pictures from our trip! We did so much more than hang out with Dierks Bentley...

Oh, and FYI all these images were from the Loews website except for the one of the elevator. I took that.

Alicia B.


Claire Watkins said...

But did you see Nicole Kidman?? Love that Lowe's hotel-its great looking, traditional with a twist no? And the grass growing around the columns-what a witty touch! Glad you guys had fun, I did the N-Ville 1/2marathon a few years back and so enjoyed my time here-after the race ;-)

Down Pillow said...

Beautiful hotel :) I really love the grass detail around the columns & the 'blue wall' room.